Are We Willing To Receive And Willing To Give Thanks As An Integral Part Of Creation?

“We have an abundant Universe. We have an infinite Universe. We have an omnipotent, creative Universe, and all of these things are available to us. We are willing to receive and willing to give thanks as an integral part of creation. The essence of such power is the essence of the creative force not only of the Universe but also of us as creative individuals. What must be understood is the natural course of an abundant Universe. The Universe can no more withhold than it can, in effect, destroy itself.
How does that affect you and me as a natural part of Universal power? To withhold ourselves from receiving Universal energy as a result of negative thinking and negative action, or to resist giving thanks from our point of awareness is to work against the flow of Universal energy. How often do we refute receiving? Every time we say, “I don’t have…I wish I had…and every time we look at our life and find some limitation. Every time we do that we are turning our back on receiving our harvest from the Universe to our spirit. We are refusing the abundance that is ours. We are saying to the Universe and to our spirit, “no thank you.”
We cannot transfer anything that we have refused to receive from the Universe and take into our own. We cannot give love if we cannot accept love from our Source. There is infinite love out there. There is infinite wisdom. There is infinite Joy. There is the same amount to the same degree for ourselves as there is for others. To think in terms of more fortunate or less fortunate locks us into ignorance that tells us we do not have right to harvest what we plant, what we nurture, and what we harvest. How do we accept what is rightfully ours? It is essential that we recognize what is given to us is a one-of-a-kind. There is not another one like you, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be. Such recognition allows us to accept, to give thanks and to use what the Universe provides for each of us. The power of giving thanks gives life its vitality!”

– Gregge Tiffen

Retrograde Alert 2017 – Ruler 2


This ruler is actually direct at 7:51pm Central time on December 23, 2017. The good news is thankfully Ruler #2 only lasts approximately 3 weeks. The not so good news is it will be happening during the peak holiday shopping and travel time. This early alert is being sent now with good intentions to help each of us get ahead of the conditions most often present with this retrograde. It also gives  us the opportunity to make sure that we are following our personal methodology according to our Fixed Star contract with regard to our Decision Making processes. 
The key condition of this retrograde is the interruption and/or the blockage of communication. On a global level it can mean anything from solar flares that play havoc with electronic communications, to world leaders losing important contact among themselves and acting on less than valid information. Movement of important documents or the necessary completion of projects and goals are often victims of this retrograde. Impatience is clearly an enemy of the powerful during this time. In personal terms, mail is often disrupted or lost as well as a breakdown of communication via phone or email. Gone missing checks as in “it’s in the mail” are common cries during this period.
This particular retrograde causes most people to get very edgy because things aren’t running smoothly. The hurry-up attitude will add to pushing you over the cliff. The Universe is giving you the opportunity to take a deep breath and move with clarity. Before you dive in, is there water in the pool? Remember the outcome in the children’s story of the turtle and the hare. It will serve as a valuable format during the Ruler #2 retrograde.
Listed below are other possible conditions effected by this retrograde.
1. Back up all of your electronic equipment BEFORE this retrograde begins. This is critical. Do not purchase electronic equipment during this retrograde.
2. Use extreme caution before signing important documents. Don’t sign papers you don’t clearly understand. If this can be delayed until this retrograde has turned direct, it would be wise to do so. 
3. Slow down your actions. Make sure that you are truly hearing/reading what the other party is trying to impart. 
4. Get on top of your time management.
5. Watch all financial details.
6. Check repairs to make sure they have been done as stated. Also check and re-check all travel and/or hotel reservations.
7. This is not a good time to start new projects.
8. This is not a good time to undergo health procedures that require major surgery.
9. This is a great time to go back over previously started projects to fine-tune or make any necessary adjustments to them. Be aware that you may have to do this several times.
10. This is also a good time to go back to your Fixed Star Analysis and review your position in the Decision Making area. Time to correct or fine tune your agreed methodology so that you can move forward more efficiently when Ruler #2 goes direct. 
Ruler #2 retrograde will be moving through one of the ten different event angles in your personal Bicircadian chart. That specific event angle will give you insight into which area you will need to be extra mindful in your decision making process. Reviewing your Personal Bicircadian Calendar for this time frame will give you that information. Don’t have your calendar? Call or email us for ordering details. 
The more we are aware of retrograde conditions and their possible influences, the more we are able to navigate through our life experiences with greater control and clarity.

Retrograde Alert 2017 – Ruler 10


Ruler #10 appears to go retrograde, from our vantage point on planet Earth, beginning August 3, 2017 through January 3, 2018.

The energy impress of this ruler emphasizes the future, goals, and innovation areas. No fancy footwork or slipshod methods are allowed if you are going to use this retrograde to your advantage. It’s to your benefit to reference your Fixed Star contract in the area of Future and Goals for further support in identifying how you agreed to use your specific tools in this area. This is the energy that identifies attitudes about long-range plans and how we manage, innovate and create our future goals.

The following information is for your consideration as possible conditions to be aware of during the retrograde activity of Ruler #10.

1. The effect of this retrograde is almost never felt in the present time frame but rather lies in relative obscurity until some later date when it tends to hit like a bomb.

2. Globally it is particularly devastating because its results can come so far after the fact that almost everyone has forgotten about the original issue and is not prepared for the late reactions. War issues fall into this category and regardless of how issues are resolved for now, future repercussions will come back to haunt us.

3. On a personal level the retrograde has strong implications around the planning and execution of future goals. You should follow the carpenter’s advice; measure twice, cut once.

4. Consider that hardly anything you see now will be the same in the future. Even slight changes can have major effects down the road.

5. Important lifestyle changes should be measured carefully. If activation is not a particular necessity, you would be better off in delaying action until this ruler turns direct.

6. None of us have accurate crystal balls and the future is never cast in stone. Therefore it is wise to weigh and balance all the elements when considering long-range plans or future commitments.


Retrograde Alert 2017 – Ruler 9


Once more, a word about Retrogrades in general before getting into the specifics of the newest one coming right up in a few days.

While it proves to be accurate that the impress of retrograde energy can sometimes become difficult, it is very important to know where in your personal Bicircadian chart all retrograde rulers are currently moving through. In order for you to understand retrograde usefulness, notice in which life event angle the retrograde ruler is currently traveling. Your Personal Bicircadian Calendar will give you this information. It lists all rulers, tells you if it is retrograde and what event angle it is in. Call me to order yours if you don’t have one.

Having this individualized calendar information provides you with knowledge of the events that will be emphasized for you personally during the retrograde activity. That way, you use the energy opportunities in that area for things needing your attention that you have previously ignored rather than referencing negative and difficult situations most often associated with retrograde energy. Gregge taught that specific events are highlighted in order to give us yet another opportunity to be aware of what we have ignored throughout all incarnations, including this one. The wise person uses retrograde periods to develop a more efficient, productive, and satisfying lifestyle.

RULER #9 appears to go retrograde, from our vantage point on Planet Earth, beginning June 16, 2017, through November 22, 2017. The energy impress of this ruler emphasizes areas of spirituality, humanitarianism, and emotionalism. It is the Spirituality energy that identifies how we agreed to communicate with the Universe. It shows where we create our unique spiritual connection and also where we can sometimes be so emotional that we become stuck in unproductive patterns.

Gregge provided us with the following information as possible conditions to be aware of during the retrograde activity of Ruler 9, our next retrograde opportunity for 2017:

“This retrograde works way beneath the surface and more of its effect is felt than seen. In global areas it effects the state of humanity, often bringing out some of the worst in mankind and initiating some of the best in us at the same time. Hidden agenda’s can manifest in cruel actions and the affliction of spiritual pain can be overwhelming. Emotions about the smallest or largest issues can go on a rampage leaving logical thinking as a last resort. Understanding that the Universe is forever moving in perfect form, we can suffer the mean and the ugly by reinforcing our own conviction that right and love WILL prevail.

On personal levels it’s time to look deep within. The caverns of your spirit need to be rediscovered. You should be looking for the motivation for your life, not from mundane sources, but from the source that gives you the breath of life. You are a co-creator with the Universe and for as powerful as that makes you, you are also no more than the smallest of life spores in an infinite forest of life-chain activity. Forget the books and mantras and all these other turban wrapped concepts and get down to your own bone marrow. Life is replicating itself there. Cells are being born and the YOU of tomorrow is trying to surge to the surface of your skin. Can you feel that? Can you accept its design? Does the process delight you?

This retrograde period is the one time this year that you’ll truly get to go back to the raw clay, before the Master’s fingers begin to poke and pull and mold. It’s your one clear opportunity for incomparable self-discovery. This is the chance to move inside the seed before it breaks its covering, drinks its first drink of water and confronts the light of day. If you find the wonder in this you will be rewarded. If you shirk from going into those deep caverns of your soul there will be nothing to possess. The Lord giveth but (unfortunately) it is you who taketh away.” – Gregge Tiffen

New 2012 Booklet “Echo” from The Collected Works of Gregge Tiffen – Now Available

G-Systems International is pleased to announce the 2012 First Annual Booklet edition in The Collected Works of Gregge Tiffen. 

Echo reverberates the ancient mystical communications derived from Gregge’s specific training in the Far East. Prior to that time and in preparation for some very specialized training, he experienced intimate astral communications much of which is now revealed to us.

As you read along, listen to how the words resonate within you. Spend some time and watch your thoughts, words, and attitudes in action. It’s you who gives direction to energy. It’s you who gets back exactly what you put out; no more and no less. Sound familiar?

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New Book from The Collected Works of Gregge Tiffen – Now Available

The next publication in The Collected Works of Gregge Tiffen is hot off the press. The Story of Infinity is the next book Gregge wanted published and is dedicated to those mystical storytellers, whose discipline and dedication provide us with the keys to how Planet Earth and all its inhabitants are designed to “live and prosper.” That’s just a hint of what you have in store for you when you begin to unravel what has been a mystery up to now. Gregge’s quest lead him out of the military and off the battlefields to pursue intense mystical training in the application of mystical law. Here are the particulars leading us away from our personal battles into what was originally intended for us centuries ago all contained within 130 pages of a soft cover bound volume. The following is your link to order online:

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First Encounter Series – Now Available

Your Travel Guide for First Encounter Series: The Trilogy*

First Encounter Series: Volume No. 1 Into the Universe – Extraterrestrial Activities.

This science is no fiction. Gregge tells us that the time has come to understand how we have been pioneers about life in outer space, about the ability of that life to transport itself, and about extraterrestrials’ abilities to communicate with us. He introduces us to experiences he has had in order to give us a perspective on the part we play as participants on Planet Earth. It matters very little if you share the on-going interest in extraterrestrial activities or not. Itís never too soon to be prepared to understand your part in the Grand Design.    Now Available.

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First Encounter Series: Volume No. 2 Down to Earth – Terrestrial Activities.

We delve deep into the earth. Gregge is our tour guide into the subterranean society some fifty miles below the crust of earth’s surface. He gives us a perspective into the details of living with empowerment, the cause and effects of losing control, and the means of how to maintain control once we are aware of the responsibilities to use the Power wisely. Here is a perspective you won’t want to live without.    Now Available.

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First Encounter Series: Volume No. 3 – Earth and Second Earth.

This is your call to a Higher Intelligence. No matter what knowledge you seek, no matter what guidance you seek, and no matter what your circumstances, there is a place in the Universe that is directly accessible for you to meet any one of your requirements. Take advantage of Gregge’s knowledge, experience, and training to raise yourself above earth’s energy level and tap into another level with deliberate intent and preparation. This volume provides you the specifics about the transference of energy between earth incarnate and second earth discarnate.  Now Available.

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*Although each volume is complete and can be enjoyed without the others, The Trilogy provides three distinct aspects of your on-going journey here and wherever else you find yourself.

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