Consciousness And The Body – Part 1

A bell without a clapper does not have the experience of being a bell. There is no action, no sound. And so it is with the physical body. Without consciousness, there is no life force. We live on a planet of manifestation. Just as there is no sound in a bell without a clapper, there is no manifestation from just having a thought.

Behind every thought pattern is an element that comes out of the Universe and belongs to the Universe. The thought pattern is the same make-up as Universal Intelligence. This element is called by many names – soul, spirit, consciousness. It is without form and has no beginning and no end. It is the expression of Universal Intelligence as Its smallest point, atomic if you like.

We are going to borrow the word “Consciousness” to identify Universal Intelligence at the point we find ourselves. In metaphysics, we must borrow words as symbols in our attempt to communicate what lies hidden beneath the surface. In the mystical schools, there are ancient and on-going conversations that explore the deeper meaning of Life. The relationship of thought to consciousness is definitely one of those subjects.

If there were a problem with the Universe, it would be Its enormity and infinity. Anything that is infinite can never know Itself because it is forever infinitely aware of an infinite amount that never stops. The way the Universe finds Its elements is by giving the same quality of awareness to Its parts. Some of the parts in the Universe are called Consciousness. There are an infinite number of “parts.” Do they come into being and out of being? No. Like the Universe, they have always been. Have the same number always existed? No, because it is an infinite Universe. It is like the chicken and the egg puzzle. You cannot wrestle with that kind of reasoning. There has always been a Universe. There has always been consciousness. Therefore, if you identify you as consciousness, and as one of these parts, you have always existed. Consciousness has continuity. The big factor regarding your on-going existence is to maintain a continuity of life force in the Universe. This occurs by virtue of the continuity of your experience. The Universe knows Itself by the fact that Its parts go through experiences. For example, we can tell a lot about a car if we take the engine apart and look at the parts. We can tell by the parts that are worn and the parts that are coated just how hard the engine was run, and how efficient it was. In a more refined sense, the Universe can tell about Its history (the worn parts) by the fact that consciousness carries the experience and continuity. Consciousness has well coated experience after experience and efficient wisdom ad infinitum.

The big metaphysical cry has always been, “Well, if I am all of this in consciousness, then why am I not terribly bright and able to do everything?” You can! You just don’t know how to get to it, or in some cases, in getting to it you cannot stand the power involved so you run back to what you consider a familiar safe place. Wisdom has never been denied you. What you need to remember is that we are talking about wisdom. We are not talking about intelligence in terms of learning details. Wisdom is very hard to put your finger on because it is essence. It knows without knowing how you know. In many cases, you find that too intangible so you do not pursue the power in the wisdom.

If I pose a problem to you, you immediately start to solve it. In consciousness you would not start to solve it because it is already solved. The answer, if there is any answer at all, is already there. All consciousness would say is “look in front of your nose. Everything you need and want is there.” There are reasons you do not do this and we will get to that later. 

Consciousness is the historian, the recorder, for the Universe. Consciousness does not have a problem with volume. It can store infinitely as a storage unit for wisdom. The Universe does not store Its knowledge. Consciousness stores the parts – the knowledge, of the Universe. It is the parts that tell you what happens when you take apart the car engine. It is the same principle with the Universe. Since the Universe is the totality, it simply feels the parts. You know when you are feeling well. It is the individual cells telling you that they feel great or that they are under stress. When you put the message all together, you know how you feel.

Consciousness is the keeper of the will. Will presages action. You cannot have action without will initiating action just as you cannot have a bell without a clapper. A bell without a clapper is a cup turned upside-down. That is no bell at all! What is will? It is indefinable. It is the characteristic of the Universe that produces action and motion. It is an indefinable Universal energy that has infinite ramifications so there is no way of saying “Will is…….” Will stands on its own, It holds on to the ability to initiate action.

Consciousness sustains Universal Law. Consciousness, as a part, becomes the supporter of the whole in its out-workings. Look at this unique thing that we truly are. Consciousness maintains continuity, it sustains action and it stores wisdom. It keeps and initiates will. It supports Universal Law. Consciousness is, in effect, anything the Universe is, could be, and would ever want to be. What we have are little encapsulations of the Universe living in only a small infinitesimal corner of the room. The very character of Consciousness is magnificent! How could we even presume to let it encapsulate in a body (in this little place) compared to what it is? How can Consciousness express all its wisdom? How can it carry on its continuity? How can it use its will? It is like entrapping a beautiful stallion into space one half the size of a horse. Yet, it is done.

We must not look at Consciousness as if it does not belong here. Of course it belongs here, and it is here willingly. It just has a different methodology in which to exist. It carries with it all the storage information it has. What is does not have is the arena by which it can use and put out all of this energy and knowledge. However, there is no conflict between consciousness and the body. Consciousness sits within the body watching, observing and recording. Your strength and power come from your Consciousness because you have always had the wisdom. You are adding to that wisdom from experience. – Gregge Tiffen, September 2008

To be concluded in October 2016…

Free Will– Part 3 – The Finale

If you abandon a project that interests you, you lose creativity and you cannot recapture the original vitality. This is because the body loses its vitality if it operates outside of its cycle and after a while the body just quits. You are meant to understand your dual polarity needs: the work and the play, the private and the professional. If you keep to just one single polarity, you diminish productivity. One gives you the energy to accomplish and enjoy the other.

A cycle operates in the law of perpetual motion. For example, you start a project, you get into it and you finish it. The cycle then renews itself and you are exhilarated. This is in direct contrast to running your life by clocks and calendars that indicate you have completed a time frame and are now exhausted.

As you get involved in living your days in cycles, you fulfill self cycles where there are no measurements. Anyone who is disaster prone is someone who is trying to stop a cycle and hold still. If you are considering a problem and it is not answered in 3 minutes, drop it. You are holding the cycle back, and if you give it more time there will be cellular stress. You can get back to it later and give it another 3 minutes IF you have not already got the answer.

Cellular stress occurs from being trained away from your natural cycle. In terms of your cellular structure, this causes a lack of development. All cells must respond to their natural cycle.

Nature is a great example of time and creative efficiency. Nature creates time by using the requirement when the requirement appears. We call those seasons.

This brings us to the subject of change and the seasons of your life. All change is the result of Universal cycles. Any effort you make to withhold change is to break cycles. That translates to mean that no good occurs if you try to stop change, or if you try to stop changing. As humans, we are often disappointed when time does not bring expected changes. We expect certain things to occur but the longer and more insistent we are to hold on to our expectations, the more we increase the pain because we are not moving with the cycle. We are dealing here with time as cycles. It is a fact that no single moment is recorded in which change has not occurred.

Therefore, you must look at the consistency of life in order to see how well you move within a cycle. To deal in logical terms without increasing any interior pressures, you can tell yourself, “I will not at any point in this day allow myself to be rushed.” You will, in turn, increase productivity.

The methodology for determining and modifying cycles is:

                  Here is my requirement.

                  Here is my energy.

                  Here is my priority.

Now… Take your Time!

If you missed Parts One and/or Two of this Free Will and Timing series, please click here to review them at your leisure.

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Free Will – Part 2 – Cycles

The frequently quoted statement of “Let go and let God” means that we are not meant to mess with timing and must become more sensitive to Universal flow. Our body cells function within such Universal timing.

Be aware of yourself. If you are not doing what you want to do and where you want to do it, you are out of your cycle. Your cells are as directly related to your body as they are to the earth, as they are to the solar system and as they are to the galaxy. Your cells say, “Move now. Sit still. Function.” You are designed to listen.

There is no comparison in cycles to clock or calendar time. The original purpose for calendars was to record cycles for the flow of energy and then split them into logical elements, The Romans changed this so badly that the calendars no longer coordinate with cycles. The major adjustment we must make is to move without calendars as often as possible.

The intention here is to cover the vortexual, molecular and flow cycles of energy. To get a clear idea of one kind of energy cycle, picture an accordion that moves out, compresses, expands, and contracts. A point of momentum operates in a similar way for constant renewal. Renewing is a cycle and uses current knowledge to have an experience that results in change. It all works in this way: We are meant to implement what the Universe puts before us, or we lose energy. We use the energy to meet the requirement when the requirement is there in order to gain from that cycle of “time.” This is functioning according to Universal time. To say, “I don’t want to face this so I will meet this requirement latter” dissipates the impact. You did not meet the requirement in cyclic timing.

It works on your behalf to ask yourself, “What is the cycle of time it will take me to do this?” If it is distasteful and stressful, you try to change the cycle so you do not have to deal with it, and the creativity goes down. In other words, if you do not create when the desire is there, you loose the cyclic energy support of creativity. It is also important to ask yourself, “How much of myself do I have to expend physically, mentally and spiritually to do this?” You have the right to manipulate the cycles. Sometimes you are already stretching a cycle out because you dread what is next when the project you are doing does not deserve that much of your time or effort. By now, you can see that the purpose is to elongate into longer cycles the things you like and shorten the cycles of things you don’t. That is under your control. Universal cycles alter for the creation of the time element. How big will a cycle be? What is the requirement? Do not put that question aside without getting an answer. You can alter time in order to serve as a vehicle for production.

When you increase your energy output, you shorten the cycle. You have a natural awareness when there is more of a demand than you originally thought, or less of a demand that you originally anticipated. Be certain to treat this as cycles at all times and not as clock time, or you invalidate the energy concept. If you break this flow of creative motion you are unproductive and lack a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

The requirement is the first thing directly in front of you. First things first. Get in line with the flow that carries you. The focus is not a limitation of time, but it is how much energy the project will take. You are meant to meet every opportunity offered. However, any attempt to do everything at once reduces your efficiency and your results.

Stay tuned in August 2016 for the conclusion of Free Will and Timing. If you missed the Introduction and Part One, please click here to review.

Free Will – Part 1 – Timing

Fundamental mystical knowledge, applied in daily life, is to use your Life power in order to direct energy. That means using your Free Will.  It is in your power to stand on the banks of an empty pond demanding fish. It is also in your power to recognize that the elements you are interested in bringing forth in your life are to support your learning and your advancement – fish or no fish. Do you tolerate the world setting up delays and obstacles? Do you allow the world to force you into action?

You can tell the difference between operating at your tempo compared to being forced out of your tempo. If others are driving you, you are always struggling and tugging at the fishing rod. You cannot get your intended results and move ahead.

It is Free Will that coordinates your individual development. You are not here by mistake. You are mistake-free because you are here at exactly the right time for you to be here. You started out this lifetime at the perfect time with no variance. It is your Free Will and your experience that determines the variations for direction. These are your intellectual judgments.

Before we go any further, let us consider some major changes the planet is going through with the solar system. In this transitional cycle, there no firm fabric. Standard conditions are being replaced by totally unfamiliar patterns of change. We see this in erratic weather patterns with storms, floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. Seasons are more undefined. We also see major changes in the attitude of successful companies making labor upheavals with no human concern. There is a chasm created from irritation between the young looking forward and the older looking back to lifestyles from the focal point of a quality of life being overlooked. Be kind to yourself. Create Time.

Yes! You can create “time.” The basic rule is to listen to the timing of the Universal heartbeat. Take notice of the natural cycles in nature. There is something going on within each cycle of growth. “Now is the only time” is a frequently quoted statement, but what does it actually mean?  It means that the current cycle is the only one occurring because you never see a whole cycle. You only see one immediate point in time. It is impossible to be ahead or behind on a cycle. Everything preceding this point no longer exists, and what is ahead does not exist. In fact, there is no roadway in a cycle. That means that momentum is all that there is at any given point.  Energy produces its own cycle.

How much momentum are you running on? The answer to that question is the only way you can know your cycle. Your Free Will provides momentum, which results in a desire to act. Ask yourself if you are where you want to be. Are you moving with as much energy as you have, or are you fishing on the banks of an empty pond? It is you who moves. Activity is the direct result of you providing the momentum, not the things around you moving.

Stay tuned as this gets really interesting…more to come in July 2016.

Free Will – Introduction

Gregge taught that ignorance of the Law is no excuse and that certainly does apply here. We cannot go shaking our fist at the Universe and be mad because we are not experiencing the pleasures we think are necessary to get us through this sojourn in good shape. It is up to each of us to open some doors to look where we have never looked before, and to see what has been there all along.

You and I have absolutely more than we can possibly conceive of and then some! What is needed is to understand that Free Will is an integral part of the Universe, and that Free Will is automatically imparted to all consciousness in the Universe. Free Will cannot be increased or decreased. We cannot have more or less of it. We have all we can possibly want without upper or lower limits. The Universe has invested Free Will in us. There is NO way that the Universe is going to interfere with our Free Will.

For example, people get into a jam and they start praying to a “God” or whatever they think is “out there” to help and to take care of them. Whoa! Wait just one minute. Even if that were possible and some kind of action could be taken directly on their behalf, it would violate Free Will.

One of the basic rules of Free Will is that we cannot inhibit it in any way for application. By inhibiting, it means interfering with that which issues forth from one person to another. That is the only rule, the only criteria. I can do anything I want in life as long as I do not interfere with your Free Will. If on the other hand I am the one who interferes, then I am not free. How this translates into the issue of application is always up to each of us.

For example, let’s say I ask you to come with me, and then I tell you that you must come with me. You do not have a choice. See how that violates Free Will? If you demand to come, but I do not want you to, that is violating my Free Will. The Universe is not going to modify Free Will. We have all of it.  It just IS.

Look at all the things that come up on a day-to-day basis where we are so quick to empower someone in some way. That occurs because we are determined not to apply ourselves. Then we wonder where the pleasure in life is to be found and maintained. The more we empower other people and conditions, the less we use the invested power in ourselves and the less we understand about what we have available. Every time I empower you to do something for me, I have immediately discharged any effort from myself to gain my own knowledge. I have also discharged any effort on my part to learn and apply what I may need to learn and apply.

Whatever we do in life, we need to ask ourselves two questions: Should I take care of this as an issue of my responsibility? Can I take care of this?  If we are really honest with ourselves, we are going to stop empowering so many people to take away our knowledge. The learning occurs in how we take care of our self. That is our yardstick of measurement. Free Will is a gift and especially when we understand how its application affects our development on so many levels.

The Dynamics – Part Eight

This is the eighth and final in an ongoing series of articles entitled The Dynamics. This installment is The World Systems – Conclusion.

“So you come back to me with the logical question of, ‘Ok, so suppose I do all of this and this in effect puts me in a different place than everybody else. What then, as now I really am different?’ Right! You’re going to survive and they are not going to survive so what’s your choice. You can’t survive according to their scheme. Survivors during this time are going to be absolutely different people. You are not going to get through this with the idea of well, I survived and I’m the same as all these other people, we all got through it. No, all the survivors are going to get through it as survivors and all the survivors are going to be different from everybody else and the survivors are going to be different than each other. They are all going to survive in a different way.

If you are looking for companionship throughout this then I’m afraid I’ve got disappointing news. I don’t think you’re going to see much companionship. It’s going to be you. And if you’re lucky enough to have somebody walk your pathway with you for a short period of time then just consider that fortunate. But to look for it or say hold my hand, lead me, protect me or whatever else you might be asking for is what I think is an exercise in futility. You’re not going to see that.  It’s going to take some guts and it’s certainly bite the bullet time on the basis of the individual.

But then again weigh it against the results. Try to understand what an enormous jump this is going to make in your development.  I know you can sit there and say well Gregge, you talk about learning experiences, reincarnation and going on in the Universe as the continuation of consciousness and infinity but I can’t really connect to that because I can’t prove it. Yes you can prove it because the point is that if you didn’t really believe it at your core level you wouldn’t be the kind of person you are. If we didn’t really believe this we’d be strictly dog eat dog out there.

What stops you from killing your neighbor? Not the threat of punishment. What stops you is an interior thing that tells you this is wrong. It’s not morally wrong. It’s not humanly wrong. Remember your body belongs to the planet. You’re an animal. You’re a high species but you’re an animal. All animals kill all other animals and even this species kills each other. But what stops you from killing your neighbor is something inside you that says this is not right. It’s called consciousness or spirituality if you will. It’s a quality within you that recognizes that which is wrong about what we do. What stops you from cheating, stealing, lying, and undermining other people? Not morality as we know it or have been taught it, but because we are not built that way. As we become more and more attuned to who we are, we become more and more attuned to what is wrong in the animal world and what is right in the spiritual world as far as the individual is concerned. That is what you’ve got to come to and that, in effect, is going to be all the armor that you need.

Now the last thing I want to cover with you is what really amounts to career and/or financial dynamics. What are the dynamics? First of all I think you should, as soon as you can, take a hard look at what appears to be your current career. Because in some cases, and certainly not all, but you may be in the wrong spot. It may be a position that has served you well for years but it may not be the right position for now or in the future. I think you really have to evaluate this issue because if you are not in the right spot you are already starting with one foot in the hole and a strike against you. You will have to either deal with or overcome that for any forward movement to take place. So the career dynamic is to reposition yourself if necessary and/or if you are in the right position to recognize that as the right position and solidify yourself at that point. Using myself as an example I don’t intend to change my career from what I am doing. But, what I’m going to do is solidify all of my career beliefs and foundations which includes or which may include a lot of other things; attitudes, methodologies, contacts, the elimination of certain things and the adding of others that I feel are necessary to give it the kind of vitality it needs, but I’m not going to change to another field.  On the other hand you may want to look and say this isn’t the right place for me and if it’s not the right place then you’d better look for the right place. You can’t look for the right place until you determine what you think is the right thing for you so you must get personal insight. Part of the dynamics is the getting inside and determining what you really want.

The financial dynamics to get you through this includes it’s about time that you figure out what you’re worth. Almost from time immoral as the saying goes, employers have dictated your value in one form or another. If you’re working for yourself it is your clients who dictate your value by saying they won’t pay that, they will pay this. I think what is necessary in the dynamics is for you to come up with what you’re worth. Mind you that this is in relation to the financial or economic dynamics of the time. I think you need to look at that and if you aren’t getting it or if the conditions by which you determine the financial economic framework are not there, then you’re going to have to do something about that. Now I’m not asking that you look down the road and say well, assuming the rate of inflation is, blah, blah, blah I’m going to need this much more by the end of the decade. You can’t do that because mainly you don’t know what the inflation will be. You don’t even know what the economic situation is going to look like because it moves so quickly. So what you’ve got to do now is to ask yourself what’s my value. What am I worth? And once that’s been determined then you can begin to move. At least you know where you want to position yourself and every effort should be made on your part to try to locate the spot that positions you and gives you what I call the vital starting dynamic to get on with the rest of the decade. What you’re doing is really trying to institute necessary corrective measures. Breaking if you will, a whole series of old patterns that don’t function anymore and won’t function for the rest of the decade and trap you into these conditions. And, if it means to some of you literally tossing away what you consider a whole career and an investment in it, then toss it away. It’s not going to be any good to you if you can’t function in it. If it doesn’t preform the right framework for you, what good it is going to be anyhow?

If you find yourself for example in an aggressive company and you’re not an aggressive type and you can see simply by a track record that everything this company does is based on the quality of aggression, who hit’s who with the fastest biggest stick, then you better get out of there. Because what you’re looking at now is nothing compared to what it’s going to be in a short span of time. If that’s not for you then I wouldn’t stay because sooner or later you’re going be hit with the biggest stick around and you’re not going to get very far. That’s really what you’ve got to look at and determine.

In your darkest days and in the times you feel you’ve slipped on the proverbial banana peel, that you have made the least headway, that’s its all too much for you and you’d like to toss it over, always remind yourself: That in the end, the result of what this all amounts to in terms of personal advancement whether you see it, sense it or believe it, is that if you don’t make it, if you’re not one of the survivors, you sure as hell are going to be back to do this all over again and nothing is going to change that. I’m staking my soul on this statement. You are not going to get out of this. You do it now or you do it later but you’re going to do it.  And later might mean another quarter of a million years away from now when the situation is the same as it is now. Might be, can’t say, but you’ll do it. I think if you’re really good with yourself, if you really sit down and listen to yourself inside in relation to that statement I’m convinced you’ll believe it. That’s the message you’re going to get – do it now or do it later but you’re going to do it.

I’d rather do it now.  I believe we have the best opportunity, the best tools and the best foundation for it now. I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t do it and be successful now!” – Gregge Tiffen, 1984

The Dynamics – Part Seven

This is the seventh in an ongoing series of articles entitled The Dynamics. This installment is The World Systems – Fear.

“The fifth point here, in case you haven’t caught it already, is that the first letters of the previous four elements in the world systems (First, Extremes, Aggression and Repetition) spell the word FEAR and that’s the bottom line. Fear of what you may ask? Everything! The Fear of not having your money, fear of not having relationships, fear of not having this, not having that, and fear of not doing this or not doing that. It’s fear time people. The idea now among those who are manipulating these systems is, if you can get them running scared you can keep them running.

For example, the IRS threatens you and that is the biggest threatening weapon of the government. So what do they threaten? Have you ever stopped to think about what is it that they threaten? They threaten your money or your possessions. So what? I’m not telling you in effect you don’t fight for it, but the point is, what kind of a threat is that? Are you telling me that you can’t recoup from something like that? Are you telling me that if they take a thousand here or two thousand there or whatever the case may be that you can’t do this all over again? If you did it once, you can do it all over again and be wiser, smarter and a bit more careful, but you can do it. So when you come right down to it you have 75, 85, 90 years here on this sojourn and in case you haven’t thought about it people – you ain’t gonna take it with you. Nothing. The only thing you are going to get out of here with is what you came with and that’s your consciousness.

You have to start weighing and evaluating and ask yourself what am I afraid of. You mean you’re afraid of loosing this person? Is that the only person in the world? I’m a romantic at heart. I really like a lot of romantic love songs and I will go along whistling just what you whistle, I can’t live without you baby. Of course I can live without you baby. I can live without you anytime I want to live without you. If I want to convince myself I can’t live without you then I’ll live in misery. You’re the only person in the world for me. That’s a bad world because if you develop a limp we’re in a lot of trouble. Romantically we may subscribe to those things but in actuality we have to grow up and face reality.

I’ve got to hand it to old Franklin Roosevelt as he probably said the most important metaphysical thing that was ever said by a politician, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. I can’t think of another term ever uttered by another politician in relatively modern times that has more meaning and value than that. It’s true, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Almost everything developed out of the previous four areas I have covered are going to be developed for the sole purpose of putting you into a state of fear of some sort or another. Again, fear of your job position, undermining your own identity, intelligence, and your own self-respect as everything is based on that. And what’s so bad is the repetition. Most of the people around you are going to buy into it. Chicken Little, the sky is falling, the sky is falling and that’s how they’re going to feel about it, the sky is falling. The sky isn’t falling but if you buy into any one of those areas you are truly buying into the sky is falling concept.

Now, I have never met a fearless person in my life. I’m not a fearless person. Everybody has some fear button in there. Part of the development of an individual in terms of a life lesson is a development, which eliminates or reduces, but hopefully eliminates whatever fear buttons you’ve got. At least if you can get them down to a minimum level you’re going to function fairly well because you really started at a pretty high level. One of the great fears is that nobody loves me or nobody likes me. Peer rejection is the biggest fear going and probably polling right up there with the number two fear of being destitute; money or financial fears or I’m going to be broke. I mean you put those two together and you’ve got it locked up. You could fill every institution in the country with that. Then from there you can make an almost infinite list of fears that go on and on and on. I’ve never seen a fearless person but I have seen individuals who have reduced their fear factors to a bear minimum. They have done that by staying out of these four areas. First – Extremes – Aggression – Repetition.

We often like to think of aggressive people, you know the old warrior type like Conan the Defender as being fearless. I fought in a couple of wars and I can’t claim to have seen or been involved with anything spectacularly unusual as wars go, but I have seen so called heroes, apparently fearless, just go to pieces. I remember the very first time I saw that and I was totally appalled because you just don’t think that a fearless person has any fear. There is a breaking point for everybody as every person has his or her fear point as a human individual. We generally don’t know what it is until we’re up against it but you don’t really want to avail yourself of wherever that point is to see how far you can go. What you want to do is recognize where those areas are now and begin to eliminate them. For the most part you are going to be dealing with the fear of rejection and financial fears so obviously you should start there.

Like many of you here or maybe all of you are in pretty satisfactory careers at this point. You may not be making all the money you wish to make but you’re making a good living. Now, you can’t tell me that you don’t harbor some deep seated fear that at some point that’s going to be cut off. You’re going to loose your job, situations are going to change, or you won’t have as many clients, whatever the case might be depending upon what you do. Everybody harbors that. That’s the point, the financial fear of what happens if all of this gets cut down? What happens if I make this major commitment to buy this new house or this new car, get married or have a baby? What happens if suddenly I can’t handle or pay for it? That’s not a conjecture, that’s a fear and if you allow that to go much further it’s going to eat away at you. What happens if she or he leaves me, what happens if I never find someone in life to be my companion? Those are fears, unfounded fears that cause you to buy into all the rest of this in one form or another. It just isn’t going to happen that way unless you want it to happen that way in which case its like laying down and just taking what comes along.

This takes us to the point of discussing what really amounts to the bypassing of these structures. People, this is not a fancy dance. The first thing you’ve got to make up your mind to is recognizing this and realizing – I don’t want to buy into this. I am going to bypass it. I am not going to get into a competitive position of being first. I am not going to let other peoples extremes dictate where I am. I am not going to go out and aggressively fight in any battlefield. I am not going to submit myself to the brainwashing of constant repetition and I am not going to buy into fear factors. Bypassing it all is the recognition of where your foundation and stability lay. Tell yourself and see yourself every single day of your life doing something that keeps you out of these positions. Not easy and what it calls for on your part is constant attention. For once you’ve got to stop being lazy. For once you’ve got to grow up to some degree of maturity and stop playing the little girl or the little boy looking for a mama or daddy to take care of you. For once you’ve got to stand on your own two feet and say, damn it, if I don’t do it it’s not going to get done. There’s nobody who is going to carry you through this. No church, no prayer, no fancy phrase, no secret password, no witch’s brew, and no alchemist’s stone. Nothing is going to get you through this but YOU! But, it takes attention. You’ve got to start listening to what is being said, observing what’s happening, questioning most of what’s going on around you and especially with yourself. You’ve got to find your foundations and your values now!” – Gregge Tiffen, 1984     



The Dynamics – Part Six

This is the sixth in an ongoing series of articles entitled The Dynamics. This installment is The World Systems – Repetition.

“The fourth area of The World Systems in this Dynamics series is Repetition. I collaborated a long long time ago with a gentleman who did a book. His name is on it not mine, but the book was called “How to Tell What You Know.” The concept behind this book was very simple. You tell them what you are going to tell them, you tell them and then you tell them what you told them. That’s how you get your point across. Well, that’s a good concept and at that time it worked and I think it still works.  However, the word merchants, and the advertising agencies, and the corporations and the government have carried that much further along.  Now you tell them, you tell them, you tell them, you tell them. Then you tell them what you told them and you tell them what you told them; in other words repetition. The idea today is basically brainwashing. If you tell them long enough they will believe you. That was probably one of the key factors behind Paul Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister in World War II.  You tell them and you tell them and you tell them until they believe the falsehood is the truth. As I say, in this time and space that’s been elevated to an art. If you are not aware that you’re going through this brainwashing obviously you’re in the commitment without ever knowing it.

This is a personal thing because it’s been with me almost all of my adult life. One of the things that will push one of my buttons is when someone tells me something and I’ve heard it. Because I always pay attention to people when they are talking to me what I can’t stand is when that person tells me more than once. If I didn’t understand them I will let them know. I’ll say that I didn’t understand them or I didn’t hear them. Now if I don’t say that, I heard them and what I don’t want is to be told that again and again. I find repetition not only an insult but also repetition as a point of danger inasmuch as it shows their insecurity in my belief and their need to try to get me, by repetition, to either agree or understand them in which case they are literally trying to overpower me. I’ve never liked that.

Now in this day and age we see this as a consistency, especially in governments, as propaganda. You are told and you are told and you are told and it makes absolutely no difference that you’re not being told the truth. Lies become truth when you’re told them long enough. Just read a newspaper any day of the week, as there is hardly one iota of truth on those pages that is, at the very least, not manipulated news. About the only thing that seems to be true in todays newspaper is today’s date and possibly the location of the event. After that there’s not much in it.  There is so little truth in the media that it has now really become a farce. It is all manipulated news and you are being told exactly what you’re being told.

If you ever want to check this out sometime, and I don’t really know if you’d ever be privy to it, but incidents go on all the time in a city of this size. Quite often you’re there or around there when an incident occurs; a fire, an accident, a robbery or whatever and in some cases you may literally visually be privy to the event. Then turn on your six or eleven o’clock news and hear what the media says. You can’t even match it up. If you listen to what they say, never mind the pictures as they are fairly factual and they aren’t going to mess with much of that, but then listen to their story or better yet read it in the newspaper. Its manipulated news and that manipulated news is placed in front of you as a repetitive process to convince you of a certain thing. One of my other pet peeves is weather reporting.  Here in the northeast you have seasons and we have seasons in Dallas. These seasons are more extreme in the sense that your winters are colder and our summers are hotter. So what happens is all summer long they keep harping away on how hot it is and wouldn’t it be nice if it cooled down. Now, the minute the seasons change and it gets cool they start harping on how cold it is and wouldn’t it be nice if it got warm. That’s manipulation. What it’s doing is brainwashing everybody into thinking is what they are in is an uncomfortable state and things would be better if that state was changed rather than recognizing that winter is supposed to be cold and generally is and summers are supposed to be hot and generally are and the way to enjoy a season is to recognize that’s the way it is. Yet they will manipulate those facts to make you feel uncomfortable. Isn’t it hot, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a cool day. Well, they know you’re not going to get a cool day at least not down here until at least until October or November.  So then when it gets cold and we have our ice storms and everything they say wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were back in the summer. No, it wouldn’t be wonderful because then you’re talking about summer all year round. That’s a brainwashing technique at the very simplest and stupid level and you can run that up the scale to politics and everything else. What do you think, for example, about why celebrities are suing these rag magazines newspapers? Because they are nothing but a pack of lies and it’s manipulated news or manipulated truth, which is really a lie. I can make a statement to you that I really don’t believe the government is doing their job. So you go out to get your paper and there’s this banner headline that reads Tiffen accuses government of blah, blah, blah. They are basically saying what I said but it has been manipulated around into a whole different phrase and a whole different state.

What I am saying is that one of the controls and factors that really put you in a position of loosing your identity is to put you in a perspective in which whether it’s the truth or not, and often not, it’s repeated enough till you and everybody around you begin to believe it. See how easily that goes back to number one. If you keep being told that you are first, you are first, and you’re not really first however, you begin to believe that you’re first. But, in order to maintain that first you’ve got to be competitive. Now you believe in the competition and if you believe in the competition you’ve got to get aggressive. So now whether you like it or not you’re caught up in the aggression of the competition and you’re right back to where the whole circle closes and you’re all caught up in this thing. That’s the way the system is going to go. There’s no way out of it because we’re locked into that particular syndrome.” – Gregge Tiffen, 1984

TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 7 – The World Systems – Fear.


The Dynamics – Part Five

This is the fifth in an ongoing series of articles entitled The Dynamics. This installment is The World Systems – Aggression.

The next element is the dynamics of aggression. Now I realize that subject was touched upon as part of the “being first” dynamic, but I need to separate them. When I got to the idea of being first, I told you that you can’t be first unless you compete and then I used the words aggressively compete. What I’m talking about now is the third one, which is aggression itself not necessarily associated with competition, just aggression. I find you in line so I push you out of that line and that’s not to be first, it is just aggression. We have a discussion and I run it into a full-fledged screaming argument. It’s not to become first; it’s just to intimidate you.

I don’t feel too good about the books that have come out in this decade, such as The Art of Intimidation or How To Be First. These books really say in one sense or another that you must verbally punch the other guy in the nose. How else are you going to get by? But those books, articles, and those concepts are certainly fit for where we find ourselves at this particular time. Aggression is one of the characteristics that take place.

Now I don’t think I have to explain to you how negative and anti-spiritual in universal terms aggression is. We all have a certain amount of it. The problem is that those of us who are not naturally aggressive find that any action of aggression is extremely depleting. It uses up our energy, our vitality, our concepts, our creativity and just about every part of us. To some degree we all have a modicum of aggression built into us because we are part of the genetic scheme here and it’s part of mankind. What I am talking about at this phase is serious aggression. At the ultimate end of the scale it’s war. Pure and simple even to the point of atomic or nuclear war. At the lower end of the scale it’s two people who are just beating on each other with sticks for no other purpose than to beat the other person into submission. That includes, by the way, verbal aggression in which one person just simply beats the other one verbally. I don’t think there’s anybody in this room that I can’t out shout and out yell, but if I did that, it’s verbal aggression. I talk over you, I talk louder, I talk faster, I talk more intensely and that’s no different than picking up a stick and hitting you on the head. So you’re going to find aggression in all its phases.

One of the things you may run into, let’s say again in the business world, or the career area of your life is that aggression will be considered something of a satisfactory premium in adjudging an individual. I like him or I like her because they’re aggressive. Generally that’s a very positive word. It means someone who initiates his or her own action and will carry it through. The way it going to come out now is, I like them because they push everybody else out of the way, get to the top and doesn’t stop for anything. That’s a tank rolling over a banana. It’s the old metaphysical story about it not making any difference if the pot hits the steamroller or the steamroller hits the pot. It’s bad for the pot. You have got to realize that when we talk about this kind of aggression it really doesn’t make any difference the reason; the recipient is the one who suffers.

Here is the case where you honestly cannot meet fire with fire. That is not if you want to survive this period. Here is the case where in one sense you’ve got to insulate and really the only thing that will insulate against aggression is non-aggression. I’m not really talking in the terms of Mahatma Gandhi, but I am talking in terms that you can’t fight someone who doesn’t fight. I’m not talking about going around waving olive branches. I’m not talking about putting on white robes, beating a drum and saying a bunch of words over and over again. I’m talking about getting back into the area where you’ve got your base of stability and realize that nothing can be gained by coming into an arena of aggression and so you simply won’t enter into it.

You don’t have to be a smart aleck about it, you don’t have to be supercilious about it and you don’t have to put on airs. You just won’t enter into it. Sometimes that may amount to nothing more than you staring at the person and not giving any answer. That’s a pretty unsettling act in itself. Sometimes it may mean biting down and turning the other cheek. Sometimes it may mean indicating to the other person in some way that there is a point beyond which you won’t tolerate their aggression. That can be assumed either as a threat or promise depending on what you mean. But what you don’t want to get caught up in is the emotionalism associated with aggression because once that takes place you very simply loose control. Once you loose control all of your meaning, your intent and what you’ve tried to gain in your system is basically down the tubes.

Sometimes you’re going to have to probably sit or stand by and see other people get promoted, other people praised or rewarded in your company or place of business just because they’re aggressive. Just because, in every sense of the word, they’re nothing but bastards and they don’t care who’s in front of them, they are just going to roll over them. You will see those people rewarded and praised and wonder if the whole damn world isn’t crazy. But again, there is no way that you’re going to be able to deal with that other than recognizing in the long run you’ll come out of it and it is true that those who live by the sword will die by the sword. The aggressor will always meet another aggressor. The worst thing about drawing the sword on the battlefield and becoming in effect the unbeatable knight is everybody’s out to beat you and sooner or later you’re going to meet your match even if it’s just by attrition and age, you’re going to meet your match. So, winners always lose and losers eventually can win and you don’t want any part of that.

What you want to do again is to maintain your stability. So it becomes necessary at this point for you to evaluate and review your degrees and levels of aggression. I think it becomes very important for you to do that. You’ve really got to see where your aggression points are. You’ve got to perhaps, for the first time in your life really take a good look at where your buttons are and how easily they can be pushed. If they can be pushed that easily, what are you going to have to do in your reevaluation of yourself to change that?

We all have buttons that can be pushed and the problem is that everybody else knows them telepathically. Give the average person ten minutes in a social engagement and that person instinctively knows the weakness of everyone he talked to. He doesn’t know that he knows, but he starts pushing the buttons right away. Well, in a system that is going aggressive a lot of your buttons are going to be known. You must remember that in an aggressive atmosphere and again I’m talking about the career area, oftentimes the higher ups in a company for an example will pit two people against each other on an aggressive basis simply to see who comes out on top. It’s just a matter of determining a competitive team and you’ve got to be very careful to not get trapped in that. Within a family situation you’ll see children competing on an aggressive basis to see which is the stronger. Some people make look at it and say, well isn’t this survival of the fittest? We’re not talking about survival of the fittest in that sense. If it’s dog eat dog, one dog will always eat the other dog eventually and that should be circumvented. Don’t get caught up in that. That does not mean that you never get mad, as I can’t conceive that I would never get mad. But is does mean that I will take better control of my aggression, be much more aware of what set it off, and be much more aware of what’s going on during the process so that in effect I don’t loose my head because that’s really where it will lead.” – Gregge Tiffen, 1984

TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 6 – The World Systems – Repetition.


The Dynamics – Part Four

This is the fourth in an ongoing series of articles entitled The Dynamics. This installment is The World Systems – Extremes.

“The second condition is Extremes. Extremes mean extremes.  It means the opposite end of midpoint. Now, what determines midpoint? Well I don’t know, but midpoints are generally determined by conceptual track records or some commonality that we can identify. Literally if we look at a scale of one to ten we can say the midpoint is five as that seems to be mathematically logical although that can be exploited by a number of other reasons. What you’re not going to see are midpoints. You’re going to see actions, people and systems in extremes. The very worst and occasionally the very best. This is going to be very confusing to you because on one hand where you are seeing the very worst that can be awful, you then turn around and see something which is definitely at the opposite end of the pole. You say to yourself oh well thank goodness that all worked out, it off balances. It may or may not.  By and large I expect to see more extremes on the negative end of the pole. The extremes in this case meaning that people will move from the generally positive end of the spectrum to the negative end of the spectrum.  They will abdicate the positive end. Now the way you’ll feel this is you’ll feel impressed or forced as it were into a lot of these extremes. People around you are just going to do really wacko things. You will say to yourself, I don’t understand this; I really don’t understand this at all. Because it won’t make a lot of sense to you, the effect will upset your own conceptual balances. You will you wonder if they are doing that, then where am I in relationship to all of this. Where you thought you were at say center point, now you haven’t got any idea whether you’re at center point anymore.

How would it be if only one person stayed solid and sane and everyone else went insane?  How could that one person stay sane when the rest of us go insane?  And on that particular basis, how long does the sane person stay sane when everyone else is insane? What happens is that it changes the commonality. It makes you look at yourself and say god if everybody else is running off this cliff something must be wrong with me. Maybe I should run off the cliff too as it seems to be the way everything is going.  So by living in a state of these extremes you begin to question your stability. You begin to question your center point and you begin to think gee maybe I’m not right. And of course that is the first step towards getting yourself sucked into the vortex and losing your own stable point.

What you must do now is find where your true stability is. That’s going to take a lot of interior evaluations on your part. What are your values in life about yourself, about your relationships, about your money, about your feeling towards the country and the government, about your family, about your career, about everything? Everything has to be looked at. What you need is a clearly defined foundation that you can plant you feet in like wet cement, let it dry, and say in effect there’s my rock.  I can live with this with only minor modifications. That is one of the great self-change things that are going to take place. One of the greatest  is getting you to identify this stable base.  Most of you if you’re pretty average, whatever that means, really don’t have that base defined. You need to get that defined. A lot of you think you know what your stable base is but you’ve never really looked at it. You must go through the whole list.  And, you might say well, I thought this was it, but I really see now in looking at it that its not. If it’s not then throw it out and get the real thing in there. And don’t tell me that you can’t figure out the real thing, sure you can. It’s going to probably take a little effort, a little insight and a little time but you’ll find out what it is. It’s in there.  And there is always some modicum of variables that are associated with it that will allow you your lateral movements as things begin to change, but the stable center point is not going to change at all.

Throughout the world countries, nationalities and groups are going to do extreme things. Labor Unions will do extreme things. Congress will do extreme things. Haven’t you noticed that we have a problem in the world today with terrorists?  Now are terrorists stable? Everything they do is extreme. They’re just the precursors of what’s happening so all you’re looking at is the natural element and function of this particular extreme state. They just happen to be upfront with it.  You will find these extremes operating literally in every conceivable phase of your life. You will again look at yourself and say I don’t understand this and maybe I’m crazy and they are sane. And unless you’ve got your stable base to work from I don’t think you’ve got anything to go back to. You’ll end up typically following the Pied Piper crowd. It’s not going to be easy because if you’re around a hundred people who are jumping off a cliff, it’s going to be very hard for you to understand that staying on stable ground is where you’re supposed to be. There’s nothing like the weight of the crowd to send doubts running up and down your spine. If you are not prepared, it leaves you in a very open and vulnerable position. Establish your personal stable base or centerpoint.” – Gregge Tiffen, 1984

TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 5 – The World Systems – Aggression.