Retrograde Alert 2017 – Ruler 9


Once more, a word about Retrogrades in general before getting into the specifics of the newest one coming right up in a few days.

While it proves to be accurate that the impress of retrograde energy can sometimes become difficult, it is very important to know where in your personal Bicircadian chart all retrograde rulers are currently moving through. In order for you to understand retrograde usefulness, notice in which life event angle the retrograde ruler is currently traveling. Your Personal Bicircadian Calendar will give you this information. It lists all rulers, tells you if it is retrograde and what event angle it is in. Call me to order yours if you don’t have one.

Having this individualized calendar information provides you with knowledge of the events that will be emphasized for you personally during the retrograde activity. That way, you use the energy opportunities in that area for things needing your attention that you have previously ignored rather than referencing negative and difficult situations most often associated with retrograde energy. Gregge taught that specific events are highlighted in order to give us yet another opportunity to be aware of what we have ignored throughout all incarnations, including this one. The wise person uses retrograde periods to develop a more efficient, productive, and satisfying lifestyle.

RULER #9 appears to go retrograde, from our vantage point on Planet Earth, beginning June 16, 2017, through November 22, 2017. The energy impress of this ruler emphasizes areas of spirituality, humanitarianism, and emotionalism. It is the Spirituality energy that identifies how we agreed to communicate with the Universe. It shows where we create our unique spiritual connection and also where we can sometimes be so emotional that we become stuck in unproductive patterns.

Gregge provided us with the following information as possible conditions to be aware of during the retrograde activity of Ruler 9, our next retrograde opportunity for 2017:

“This retrograde works way beneath the surface and more of its effect is felt than seen. In global areas it effects the state of humanity, often bringing out some of the worst in mankind and initiating some of the best in us at the same time. Hidden agenda’s can manifest in cruel actions and the affliction of spiritual pain can be overwhelming. Emotions about the smallest or largest issues can go on a rampage leaving logical thinking as a last resort. Understanding that the Universe is forever moving in perfect form, we can suffer the mean and the ugly by reinforcing our own conviction that right and love WILL prevail.

On personal levels it’s time to look deep within. The caverns of your spirit need to be rediscovered. You should be looking for the motivation for your life, not from mundane sources, but from the source that gives you the breath of life. You are a co-creator with the Universe and for as powerful as that makes you, you are also no more than the smallest of life spores in an infinite forest of life-chain activity. Forget the books and mantras and all these other turban wrapped concepts and get down to your own bone marrow. Life is replicating itself there. Cells are being born and the YOU of tomorrow is trying to surge to the surface of your skin. Can you feel that? Can you accept its design? Does the process delight you?

This retrograde period is the one time this year that you’ll truly get to go back to the raw clay, before the Master’s fingers begin to poke and pull and mold. It’s your one clear opportunity for incomparable self-discovery. This is the chance to move inside the seed before it breaks its covering, drinks its first drink of water and confronts the light of day. If you find the wonder in this you will be rewarded. If you shirk from going into those deep caverns of your soul there will be nothing to possess. The Lord giveth but (unfortunately) it is you who taketh away.” – Gregge Tiffen

As Your World Turns – Part 1

“The business out in front of you, which is the world around you cannot be ignored. It’s not a great deal of fun with communication systems that put us on a global basis. Turning on your computer, television, or picking up your newspaper is the basis for non-creative energy that you don’t want. There are some individuals who say that they want to cut that kind of input out of their lives. That’s okay. You don’t have to read the news or know what is going on everywhere in the world. I’m referring to your personal life. What you don’t have a right to do is to cut yourself off from your own life. It’s an option if you want to cut off the rest of the world. You have a right to do that. However, you can’t then turn around and say, “I have nothing to create or to live for.” Your own life is the parameter of your experience which is your own world. To begin to accept this provides you with the incentive to take responsibility for the power you have over your own world. What comes out of your world is not the world around you.

Whether your view is positive or negative about the activity of the world surrounding you, it has nothing to do with the creative energy that deals with your availability to have an experience that leads to a proper level of knowledge.

Are you aware of how many celestial bodies have collided today? Do you know how many galaxies have been created today? Do you know how many stars have been burned out today? You don’t know, but it is going on. Suppose you could turn on channel 155, the Universal Channel, on your television. All of a sudden you have a panoramic view of what’s going on in this galaxy right now. It’s going on, but you’re not putting any focus on what you think doesn’t affect you because you don’t know about it.

Is that much different than focusing on all these horrible things going on in the world around you? The issue is choice. I’m not indicating it isn’t going to affect you overall in terms of life activity if you don’t want to focus on the conditions in the Middle East. The point is what you do need to focus on. You focus on your world, which is directly in front of you, should be in the terms of what it is you want to do. I do not want to overwork this point, nor do I want anyone to take the following statement too far:  Most everything we read in the book we know as the Bible is a reiteration of basic metaphysical codes. The statement made by the individual attributed to the man that has become known as Jesus is, “I am in this world, but I am not of this world.” There’s your key. He was saying exactly what I’m trying to get across here. He was saying that he knows there’s a world out there. He knew what was going on in the world. He knew what power people claimed to have, but that wasn’t his world. His world was him. He is quoted as saying, “My Father and I are one,” which is saying the Universe is my world, and I establish my own parameter, my own world. Don’t put those statements way out there as if it were some mystic or some great teacher who had no relation to the rest of us. Those are very real statements about the way you and I are meant to live. What gets you overwhelmed is that you are too concerned that you have to interact with the big world outside of you.

At that point, you think there has to be someone else in your life, or that there has to be some other condition such as the bank foreclosing on your house to make the day interesting. It’s as if something has to be going on to threaten your survival. If you want to take into consideration that all these things are threatening your survival, then all you are going to be doing is worrying about your survival. You’re not going to be learning anything other than in a reverse way about how to survive. You’ve already proved that you are going to survive. Survival is no longer an issue. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to go through your life proving it over and over. We already know you can survive. Let’s get on with something that is worthwhile. Simply follow your nose.

If your overall incentive is that you would like to improve and come back to a better world, how do you bring that into a moment-to-moment reaction to the world you actually live in? That isn’t very hard to do, first of all, you were given five physical senses. Those senses are primarily there to keep you alive. You hear, see, taste, touch and smell. Those physical senses are basically there to make sure your body can meet conditions and survive. The beauty is that you are also capable of super-senses. Your super-senses are capable of going though experiences that do not deal primarily with survival. They deal with the acquisition of knowledge. To function in YOUR world, you must wake up! You have senses all of which allow you to be aware of the seen and the unseen. When you give yourself to these senses, you are excited into an action. That action is not a labor. It’s a willingness to participate in your own development. Nothing you find in front of you is a job. It is an opportunity.” – Gregge Tiffen